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"filoglossia+" is an educational multimedia series comprising four CD-ROMs for learning Modern Greek as a second/foreign language. The courseware employs English as support language and targets expatriate Greeks and/or Anglophone foreigners with little or no previous knowledge of Greek. It is mainly based on the communicative approach and focuses on the production and comprehension of both oral and written speech. The user is encouraged to use Greek in order to acquire communicative efficiency and thus be able to communicate in everyday life situations. Grammatical structures and syntactic functions are also treated, however in a simple and functional way and placed within a communicative context.

Each chapter comprises rich multimedia content (plenty of audio and video files with native Greek speakers) and is accompanied by exercises of various ergonomies, which fully exploit the potentials of the multimedia technologies and aim at the development of both receptive and productive skills. A number of language tools integrated in the courseware enables the users to improve and enhance their pronunciation skills in Greek by allowing them to record their voices and compare them to a native speaker's model, to access the phonetic transcription and to listen to the pronunciation of any written Greek input via a phonetic transcription tool and a text-to-speech converter respectively. The users may also look up any Greek word appearing in the courseware in the bilingual electronic glossary and obtain the translation in the support language, examples of use, noun and adjective declension and verb conjugation. Apart from the language material, "filoglossia+" also includes rich multimedia content pertinent to both ancient and Modern Greek culture and civilisation, thus combining language with culture learning.

filoglossia+ was designed and developed by the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)/Athena R.C. The courseware is also available with Chinese language support, while four more versions (funded by the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation) are underway employing Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian as support languages.

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