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Greek Civilization

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Transition to Christianity:
Art of Late Antiquity, 3rd – 7th Century A.D.

The vibrant and complex life of the Eastern Mediterranean during a time of reinvention and renewal will be the subject of Transition to Christianity: Art of Late Antiquity, 3rd – 7th Century A.D. Incorporating many outstanding works of art that have never before been seen outside Greece, as well as recently discovered works that are being exhibited for the first time anywhere, Transition to Christianity reveals a period of extraordinary and perhaps unexpected creativity in the Greek world of Late Antiquity.

Transition to Christianity eBook
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The History of Greek Art & Civilization
The history of Greek civilization dates back over 3,000 years from the early Aegean civilizations to contemporary modern Greece. Greek civilization has influenced and been influenced through centuries of migrations and shifting empires from the Bronze Age through the classical era of Ancient Greece to Byzantium and the revival of Hellenism to the present. Greek civilization has influenced laws, languages, architecture, religion, politics, and culture. Indeed, Greek civilization’s vibrant and enduring legacy continues.

Heroes: Mortals And Myths In Ancient Greece
Herakles, Odysseus, Achilles, Helen: epic heroes and heroines who continue to inspire modern culture. Using ancient Greek culture as a point of origin, the exhibition will explore the inherent human need for heroes and make it relevant to today’s society.

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