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University Seminars Program
Onassis Series In Hellenic Culture

You can now watch the taped sessions online.

The University Seminars Program

Current Senior Visiting Scholars


Dr Paris Papamichos Chronakis (Spring Semester 2013)
Modern Greek History, University of Crete

Offers two courses at the Program of Modern Greek Studies, Brown University.

Professor Basil Gounaris (January 20-February 18)
Modern Greek History, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Hosted by:
Yale University: Department of Political Science, Hellenic Studies. CT
York University: Department of History. Toronto, Canada
George Washington University: Political Science. Washington DC
Princeton University: Hellenic Studies. NJ
Columbia University: Hellenic Studies. NY

Professor David Konstan (Feb. 4-8, April 22-26) Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture
Classics, New York University

Host Institutions
University of Minnesota: Classics. MN
University of California Santa Barbara: Classics. CA
Stanford University: Classics. CA

Professor Franco De Angelis (February 11-24)
Ancient Greek History, University of British Columbia

Hosted by:
NYU: Classics. NY
Northwestern: Classics. IL

Professor Nikos Salingaros (February 15- 22)
Mathematics, Architectural Theory, University of San Antonio Texas

Hosted by:
Queens College. NY

Professor Pavlos Kontos (February 25- March 1, March 4-8, April 1-5)
Philosophy, University of Patras

Hosted by:
Princeton University: Philosophy. NJ
Duke University: Philosophy. NC
Fordham University: Philosophy. NY

Professor Elias Besevegis (March 17- April 14)
Psychology, University of Athens

Hosted by:
York University, Toronto. Canada
Grand Valley State University. MI
University of Rochester. NY
Loyola University Chicago. IL

Professor Christopher David Schabel (April 7-May 4)
Medieval History, University of Cyprus

Hosted by:
University of Wisconsin at Madison: Medieval Studies. WI
University of Toronto: Medieval Studies. Canada
Catholic University of America : History. Washington DC
University of Iowa: History. IA

Professor Gregory Jusdanis (April 29-May 24)
Comparative Literature, Ohio State

Offers a mini course on the poetry of C.P. Cavafy at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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